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Based on international best practice, the Workplace Cultural Diversity Tool  is a ‘how to’ guide to workplace cultural diversity, designed to help employers make the most of a culturally diverse workforce.

With 30 questions split across 7 categories allow an organisation to measure itself against best practice standards for workplace diversity.

With Australia becoming more culturally diverse the Workplace Cultural Diversity Tool helps Australian organisations manage the opportunities and challenges diversity brings by;
  • Allowing organisations to assess themselves against 30 measures of competence
  • Providing a starting point for Organisations considering a focus on cultural diversity
  • Helping Organisations committed to cultural diversity move towards best practice

To comply with privacy requirements, a bespoke content management system was built for managing user accounts, questions and responses. User data is only available to the individual user account.

Key Features

  • Bespoke content management tool for managing Users, Question sets and Resources
  • Reporting tool allows users to customise the output and save  a PDF of their organisation’s Diversity Report
  • Questions can be updated each year as requirements change.
  • Users can update their progress and reports as the organisation changes its approach

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