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The Newington College website gets a facelift

Newington College is a Boys K-12 Day and Boarding School located in Stanmore in the heart of Sydney’s Inner West. It is one of the six founding members of the GPS, an alliance of Sydney independent boys’ schools.

Newington approached Firefly to help finesse and streamline their website and enhance their digital brand. Key was improving the user experience (UX) and optimising the site’s structure and architecture. With a strong brand and distinct colour palette, Firefly designed layouts and functionality to push the online face of Newington to the next level, providing great flexibility when authoring and formatting content. We provided tools to enable publishers and writers to easily add and manage content across the site.

To simplify and centralise management of multiple sites we setup multi-site CMS instances for hosting Newington’s microsite and online newsletter platforms. This allows a consistent brand message to be applied to each communication channel with a minimum of fuss.

Enhancements to the website included;

  • Using WordPress for content management (CMS) allows staff to update content with ease and less support calls!
  • Consistent nomenclature and menu structure for intuitive interactions, easy content discovery and navigation throughout the site
  • ability to add pre-defined content blocks to any page, in any order
  • easy to customise promotional boxes
  • Social integration via share links and embedded Twitter and Instagram feeds
  • ability to insert rich content news and events panels on the home page to enhance communications and marketing.
  • intuitive online form builder
  • interactive, content managed maps
  • integration with online payment gateway
  • Newsletter communications transitioned to an online platform
    • Automatically generated emails and page templates streamlines and simplifies publishing
    • independent publishing for each campus newsletter
  • Setup of publishing platform for hosting high traffic ‘micro sites’ relevant to topics such as Sport and Technology

Launched simultaneously with their custom built responsive online newsletter, Newington were set for the digital age.

The results

  • Social referrals up by 24%
  • New user sessions up 31%
  • Pages views per user session up 8%
  • Average session duration up 15%
  • Bounce rates are down 14%
  • Organic search traffic up 10%

“Firefly’s creative and technical expertise is always matched by their immediacy in dealing with all Newington College’s online solutions.

We could not have achieved as much – nor be complimented so often about our website, microsites and newsletters – without them behind us. And I know as technology takes us further Firefly will continue to be the ones keeping us cutting edge.”

Pamela Hatfield
Director of Communications, Newington College.

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