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Discover the stories behind the statistics

‘Choose Your Own Statistics’ is a unique interactive learning resource designed to enable students from Years 5 to 8 to gain a better understanding of important human rights issues as they explore the latest statistics from respected Australian institutions.

Extensive use of infographics encourage students to challenge their beliefs and deepen their understanding of the role that data representation plays in building knowledge and influencing decisions about social issues. Innovative technology enables students to explore the demographics of Australian society on a national and state level and see how the constitution of our country has changed over time.

Through the exploration of ten topics, students obtain a big picture overview of the data behind current issues like homelessness, immigration, sexual harassment, the justice system, and our ageing population. Interactive graphs provide a snapshot of the cultural background, religious beliefs, technology use and education and employment status of both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians of different ages and genders.

Key features:

  • Immersive infographics provide an overview for each topic
  • Integration with Google Chart API for live plotting of interactive graphs
  • Students can customise the data displayed and save their own graphical representation of the data
  • Students can view data comparisons over time
  • All of the data is available for download to enable further exploration


Discover Choose Your Own Statistics
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