Our Story

In the early noughties, a couple of cheeky freelancers were passing secret notes to each other during a production meeting. They were colluding on how to create and grow their own boutique digital agency – one that was steeped in good honest creative fun, strong technical prowess, unapologetic integrity and kickarse customer service. In 2003 Firefly became a reality.

Our team have expanded and contracted over the years, however we are dedicated to providing the best digital solutions with a local team of strategists, designers, developers and support technicians. When you contact us, you are dealing with real people based in Sydney.

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A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is a reality.
John Lennon

Let’s get together and start dreaming. Together, we will carefully craft a bespoke design solution for your project and develop for the optimal user experience.

Christopher Frost

Managing Director

Works hard for his money by... juggling design nous with technical know-how, coupled with a customer focused can-do attitude that delivers to our client's expectations every time. Frosty's gentle manner and worldly expertise, allows him to deftly guide our clients through the creative journey. This makes him the driving force behind Firefly's sales and management crew. Nothing gets past this dude.

What people don't know... with the correct amount of whiskey, he'll belt out Anarchy in the UK and stage dive off anything, completely unprovoked.

Ellie Louie

Creative Director

Works hard for her money by... tapping into her empathy of the end user, and understanding of the client's key objectives, to visualise and massage creative ideas into reality. Ellie loves a design challenge, especially working across different mediums and environments, with her focus singularly set on the user experience.

What people don't know... is that she has an unrealistic perception of her height and strength, and an unhealthy penchant for un-PC humour.

Chris Carey

Technical Director

Works hard for his money by... being a coding guru badass. His broad range of experience in digital development coupled with in-depth product knowledge makes Carey a kickarse team leader. His analytical approach and strict adherence to best-practice methodologies have produced a consistent track record of the highest quality work in both online, mobile and offline mediums.

What people don't know... is that Carey plays a mean violin, but also knows how to rock out to hardcore German death metal.

Ben Clark

Senior Developer

Works hard for his money by... spending his days synergising effective team-based solutions while streamlining diverse mindshare initiatives. If you know what that means, please get in touch asap.

What people don't know... is that Ben is a massive sweet tooth and can be easily bribed with a decadent flourless chocolate cake or salted caramel pie. Please get in touch if you would like his direct line.

Shane Oliver

Senior Developer

Works hard for his money by... implementing cutting edge web technologies that deliver the clients vision to their end users. Shane's skillful speed and agility with code is masterfully balanced with his exceptional patience of the pedantic inclinations of the design team.

What people don't know... is that Shane is a triple black belt in karate and both styles of tae kwon do. I am serious! In his spare time, he was also a amateur power lifter back in the day. Again, I am serious.

Jewels Miller

Senior Designer

Works hard for her money by... doing what it takes to get the message across. Jewels wears many hats with assured aplomb. She is at once a strategist, a marketing diva, and a daring design leader. She has a passion for web standards, sexy typesetting and deadlines being met (or the sound they make as they go swooshing past).

What people don't know... she plays the guitar and saxophone badly, and loves creating ridiculously long, irreverent hashtags. #designingpixelbypixelnevermindthedevguysmessingitup

Jo Bryant


Works hard for her money by... weaving her bookkeeping and accounting magic. When it comes to numbers, Jo is the perfect combination of Einstein, Pythagoras and Bruce Lee. Jo's unsurpassed prowess with MYOB, Excel and calm dealings with the ATO means she is the foundation of Firefly.

What people don't know... is that she has an unreasonable and inexplicable dislike of average sized teaspoons and forks, and is frequently found in deep conversation with her four dogs.

Matthew Syres


Works hard for his money by... spending his days expertly framing and composing amazing shots. Whether it's people, fashion, food, architecture, landscapes, or dreamscapes, Matthew is your man behind the lens. His erudite talents don't end there - he is adept at photo retouching, video and music production, and making a mean soy latte.

What people don't know... is that Matthew moonlights as a rock god in Sydney band Syntax Error and is often seen consorting with his fans in the inner west.

Our Core Values

Be the best we can be in all areas

  • Always strive for design excellence
  • Expertise in emerging trends and technologies
  • Holistic approach to solutions


Innovative and enthusiastic about pushing the boundaries

  • Creative ballsy ideas
  • Problem solving from different perspectives
  • Ask what the end user wants, and will be pleasantly surprised by

Excellent customer service

  • Open minded with a positive can-do attitude
  • Always polite and courteous, and keen to help
  • Transparency and honesty


We value the team as individuals and as a unit

  • We believe our work environment should be calm, comfortable and conducive to a healthy work/life balance
  • We believe humour, fun, and communication are an essential part of good teamwork
  • We care about and respect each team member, and work towards helping each other
  • We believe in furthering our own pursuits and education